On February 11th, Elder & Sister Howes entered the MTC with 3000 young men and women along with 70 other “Senior” missionaries.  We don’t feel like “Senior” missionaries. But when your surrounded by 3000 young missionaries you are Senior missionaries. 

The MTC was a little intimidating at first.  We were given a packet that described what we would be doing and our first thought was we can’t do that, especially the role playing. But once we got started we learned that we could and the role playing ended up being the best part.

 We had the good fortune of being there (in the MTC and in our zone) with an old acquaintance of Sister Howes’ High School years.  Mr. Excell was her Science and P.E. teacher in Wendover, now they like us are headed to the mission field as performers in Nauvoo.  We also were there at the same time as Sister’s Berry and Carlson.  We saw Sister Carlson every day but dispite our best efforts, never found Sister Berry.

The experience was awesome, we learned a lot but the food!


One thought on “MTC

  1. Elder and Sister Finlayson, Cathy Miller’s parents will be in New York June13. Cathy gave us the address to your blog and it has been fun to read about your experiences.
    We look forward to meeting you and joining the gang…….

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