Travel Week

On Monday the 18th we left our home in Utah for a 2200 mile trip to New York.  When we left Utah at about 11am the temperature was about 47 degrees and we have not seen anything that warm since we left.  Wyoming (no offense to the Reasch’s) was terrible.  It was cold and the snow had blown over the highway and frozen.  From Rawlings to Cheyenne we couldn’t drive more than 45 MPH (torture for Bill).  The temperature from there until we arrived in New York never got out of the single digits.  From Chicago to New York we drove through a blinding snow storm but we arrived on time and without incident.

The morning after our arrival we had the opportunity to meet with our Mission President, President Morgan, and the office staff.  President Morgan counseled with us about our assignment and those we would be serving in the New Paltz Branch.  We then had lunch at the Mission home with the Morgan’s and office staff.  After lunch keys to our temporary living quarters along with directions were provided and we departed to meet two sets of missionaries assigned to assist us in “moving in”.  One hour later we arrived to find two delightful young missionaries who helped us carry in our suitcases AND brought us cookies.  About and hour later two additional missionaries arrived from our assigned Branch (after the first two had departed and the moving was complete) and ate the cookies.  The temporary apartment is fabulous.



To fabulous, we have seen the apartment we’ll be living in for the next 18 month’s and it’s not fabulous.  But will be great despite not having underground parking, wood floors, two bathrooms, marble countertops and security systems. (Kathy Johnson would be happy to know that this is the kind of apartment reserved for the Extraction Sisters here in Goshen, NY)

On our first night we were invited to participate in teaching a lesson to a part member family which was awesome.  They fed us, probably better than they themselves eat, and we helped the Elders with the lesson.  We arrived back at the apartment late after stopping to purchase some bedding and wash them before making our bed and actually getting to sleep about 1am.


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