First Week of Missionary Service

Well we’re not really up to speed yet given that we live a little over an hour from our assigned area for another week.  We have been following the guidelines for missionaries.  We arise early to study, read and have breakfast and for the most part we go for a walk each morning for exercise and to understand the area and people we are serving.  Our first week was spent in a variety of activities.  We met with the District and Zone leaders to discuss ways that we wanted and were willing to assist missionary efforts.  The missionaries are very sensitive to differing desires and styles of the Senior Missionary couples (Senior still sounds odd).  On Sunday we drove to New Paltz, helped set up chairs and greet members and investigators, PARTICIPATED in every meeting (no being a wall flower out here) and finished with a meeting with the missionaries (ward, full time & senior) to discuss activities for the next week.  That afternoon we had dinner with the couple we are replacing, Elder and Sister Wells. Sister Howes has been suffering with a bad case of Vertigo since we arrived and we had to leave dinner early. We will live in the same complex but not in the same apartment.  After the Wells have departed their apartment will be taken by two sets of Sister Missionaries and the Elders that now live 22 miles away in Kingston will also move to New Paltz.

New Paltz is a small community west and across the Hudson River from Poughkeepsie.  As near as we can tell it is best known for the State University of New York or SUNY a small university of about 8000 students with the unfortunate coincidence of having the same colors as Clemson (hope there not as passionate about them as Clemson).  But it seems that this could provide great source of potential investigators.  MORE TO COME as we learn this area.

On Monday we participated with our District in our first District meeting in Poughkeepsie.  This was no small task for us as we drove more than an hour and a half each way.  We have quickly figured out that our biggest expense while we serve in this area will be fuel.  Gas here is over $4 and we’re told this is the cheapest season for fuel prices.  We suspect that when the Sister Missionaries arrive along with our full time Young Men Missionaries we will be driving many of them to the places they need to go since they will be Car Sharing (an interesting concept forced by the tremendous influx of missionaries).

On Tuesday we again returned to New Paltz to participate in a pilot program (to reduce driving) to bring the Bishop’s Storehouse to local Branch needs for Welfare assistance.  It was actually very well handled given that this was the first time this happened in New Paltz for the surrounding Branches.

Wednesday is our assigned “P” day and we spent the day cleaning and shopping for the coming week.  We also took our traditional walk in the morning around the town of Goshen to find that this is the County seat for Orange County.  It is full of Attorney’s and history. The history is more interesting.  The following are some of the interesting sites:


Reminds you a little of Palmyra in Joseph Smith’s day.  A church on every corner.


Famous for the Trotting track,


and Noah Webster, who compiled our Dictionary.  He founded and taught school here.  We also found:

DSC_0226  I’m not sure what’s for Sale here?

On Thursday we prepared ourselves to go to Manhattan to receive an assignment to work in the Temple once a week but due to an emergency and weather on the freeway we turned around after several hours on the freeway.


2 thoughts on “First Week of Missionary Service

  1. We love hearing about your experiences! New Paltz sounds familiar, and Poughkeepsie was a Spanish sisters area when we were there. We can’t believe the number of new missionaries coming into the mission, that is fabulous! Thanks for bringing back floods of memories for us!
    The Mauri family

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