Blending in!

Elder & Sister Howes have begun to just blend in. As we serve and accept whatever comes our way, we find that each week looks allot like the one before. Both of us have several Branch callings and Stake callings as well. We Home Teach 14 families and Visit Teach almost that many. We get a call every week asking us to teach or speak somewhere. Elder Howes has been somewhat use to this, coming from where he served at home, but it has been awesome to watch Sister Howes’ growth. She is called on just as often as Elder Howes, maybe more. This week she was scheduled to teach Relief Society when she got a call to speak in Sacrament meeting, without a thought she said yes and went about preparing for both. She spoke for about 20 minutes on Family History and Temple work and it was as great as you can imagine.
Our weeks are becoming allot alike. We spend any un-spoken for time finding the “lost” members or our branch along with our little sons. We have begun to get very attached to each of our Missionaries.  We still feed them each week during either District or Zone meetings.  This past week we were sad to realize that this would be our last meal with several of “sons”.  Three in our Zone and two in the District would be transferred.  Pictured below is our District with the Zone leaders, who attended ostensibly to make announcements.  They took a fair amount of kidding from the others when it was pointed out that they always came when Sister Howes fed them.


The Missionaries in the picture to the right are from left to right, Elder Sullivan from St George, Elder Bailey from Preston, Elder Vasquez from New Jersey, Elder Ordaz from Mexico, Elder Berryman (in front) from Arizon via New Zealand (also our District leader), Elder Fife from Alaska (in the back & one of the Zone leaders), Elder Cloward from Layton, and Elder Fabbi from Logandale, Nv (also one of the Zone leaders).  We will lose Elder Fife (going home), Elder Berryman (Bronx) and Elder Ordaz (Bronx).  We know that all is done with the direction of the Lord but it doesn’t change the fact that we love and will miss them.

As we find that the missionaries have a need and we’ll travel to them to try to keep them focused on what they are called to do by lifting them or performing service for them. We found out that our old Zone leaders and their companion roommates where “flashing” their neighbors. They were moved into a new apartment without blinds or curtains anywhere. They also have a street light outside of their bedroom window that has made it difficult for them to get to sleep. We went over this past Friday and measured for blinds and went to Home Depot to purchase them.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to install them as we had to leave to teach a class but returned the next day to install.


Elders Lewis and Hurst pictured above will now have to invest in light bulbs to see but will no longer be exposing themselves to the wilds of the the neighborhood.

Excitement for our Thursday excursion to Manhattan

We headed out, as usual on Thursday, for our assignment in the Manhattan Temple.  The weather was cold and misty but as we got closer to the City the rain intensified significantly.  Traffic in several places along the way came to a complete stop as it rained so hard that we (nor anyone else) could see out of the windshield with the wipers going as fast as they could.  What is usually a one to two hour trip took us three.  We had departed early hoping to try out a local restaurant before our shift started but barely made the shift.  Oh well, neither of us will starve to death, we’re carrying our missionary fat reserve around our waists.  Here is what we encountered:


Reminded us of a Texas rainstorms on steroids.

Elder Howes also had another first as officiator of the Endowment session.   With the witness couple in front of him he looked down to watch Eve pass out.  Acting quickly to bring the session to a hold, she was attended to by the Sister followers.  The Temple President and Matron showed up to instruct him to insure that when that happens to push an alarm button “just in case”.  Well Eve recovered and asked to continue and the next time the witness couple came forward the Temple President and Matron got their desired outcome and Elder Howes got great practice.  Perhaps you guessed, Eve went out again.  This time she had to be removed and the whole Temple staff were on standby through the excitement.  Nothing serious was found to be wrong with Eve (low blood sugar).  Elder Howes and perhaps the rest of the staff got a good scare and lesson.   And all things shall work together for your good D&C 90:24.


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