There are Still Holidays!

Sometimes we forget that there are Holidays. The Zone leaders called us three times last weekend to remind (and to ask if we would participate in) District meeting. We wondered if they had thought we were getting so old that we couldn’t remember something that happens every week in one form or another. We then realized that Monday was a Holiday and they had thought that we might take the day off like most of the rest of the country. Our calling, as Missionaries is Member, Leader, Support and Training and they fill in all of those categories. We learned on Sunday that we would lose 6 of the missionaries in the Zone, 2 from our District. Included in this bunch was one of our Zone Leaders and our District Leader. Both have held those callings since we arrived four months ago and we have grown to love and respect these young men. We are also losing our new New Paltz Elders, Elder Ordaz.  He and our District leader are now going to get there opportunity to go to the City.  We often get Missionaries sent out to the outskirts of the Mission so that they learn the value of planning.  Nothing comes easy out here and excellent planning is the only way they can learn to be affective. In the City they can stand on the sidewalk and contact more people in an hour than they can here in months. Pictured with Elder & Sister Howes below are District Leader, Elder Berryman and Elder Ordaz.


If you click on the last picture of the District before it’s reorganized you’ll find that Sister Howes isn’t really as mad as perhaps it may appear in this picture.  She had just spilled a piece of Strawberry cake on the table cloth behind her.

Memorial Day

We made it home from the trip to District meeting to find that no-one was available so we decided to explore an area we drive through regularly but haven’t had the time to explore.


An old church with it’s adjacent cemetery in Kingston.


Kingston isn’t quite as old as New Paltz and certainly not even close the the 1300’s that the Winter’s reported in their blog but Sister Howes loves old buildings and couldn’t resist pictures of these unique buildings in the Old Town part of Kingston, New York.

On the way back to New Paltz we decided to follow a little winding road along one of the many rivers feeding into the Hudson and took pictures of these beautiful sites.


A waterfall with a small hydro plant to the left that is difficult to see.  Perrines Bridge (1844).  A bridge to nowhere.  We couldn’t see why the bridge was there, hopefully at some point there was a reason for it.  Can you tell how dirty the water is?  As we came back into New Paltz we spotted a historical sign that we had never spotted. Interesting to find this kind of history that we all read about but probably never put a place to a story.  We’ve also heard that we have history related to the Underground Railroad.  We’re hoping to find out something about this as well.

Goodbye to more of our friends – Transfers

We drove to Osining for Transfers on Wednesday already knowing those that we had lost but not knowing who we would get.  We said goodbye to one of our Zone leaders who left for home in Wasilla, Alaska where one of Elder Howes’ cousins is part of the Stake Presidency.  He promised to pass out hugs for us when he arrives home.


Elder Fife standing next to Sister Howes.  We never did get information on the new companion to Zone Leader, Elder Fabbi, standing next to Elder Howes nor did we get information on our new District Leader. We were all to surprised to find out that we had lost a threesome in our Zone, reducing our Zone to twelve.  Less mouthes to feed at Zone meeting. We also got introduced to a new New Paltz Elder, Elder Fox.  Pictures next week.

Stake Father & Sons Outing…

Elder Howes has also become the 1st Counselor in the Young Mens organization and the Seminary teacher for the last week of Seminary. Yey.  He got to go to the Father & Sons outing sponsored by two of the Stakes within our Mission.  The camp is the Liahona Camp.  Wow, what a beautiful spot.  He didn’t get to get that involved because he was called to be the Historian (take pictures).  It was such a surprise to find out how many people we have become acquainted with in the past few months.  Pictures below of the camp.

DSC_0467DSC_0460DSC_0451DSC_0462DSC_0498 DSC_0455

A lake to swim and boat on. Forested areas for camping. Cabins and a gym for indoor games.  What more could you ask for?  Less bugs.

Well it’s been a fun and busy week but we can’t leave you without taking a shot at the New York State roadway signs.  As Elder Howes drove home from Camp, he came across this sign.  Click on it so that you can read it…


                            So what do I do?  Speed Up?  Slow down?  I’m sooooo confused.


4 thoughts on “There are Still Holidays!

  1. We had the full time missionaries speak in Relief Society today. They did a great job. I had had the sisters submit questions a couple of weeks ago and they addressed those questions. Dave was released as the ward mission leader today and Randy Moore was put in. We just got back form their place so Dave could pass on the materials. Missionary work here is definitely different than out there, but the ideas are the same. The missionaries here work on activation a lot..

    We went to a birthday party for the daughter of a family we knew in New York. They moved out here about 8 months ago. the father who was not a member then has since been baptized and the ward has really embraced them. Half the ward was at the party. It was good to see them and how far they have come.

    Love you guys

    Dave and Doris

  2. Elder and Sister Howes–what a treat to check in and see what you are up to…and the Hippy pictures are the best–tie dye and missionary tags…our imaginations are going wild! You said that your days are similar to each other…but it appears that each day is really a new adventure for you! We know you are doing great things and touching people with your love of the gospel–because you did that at home too! Just wanted you to know that Ryan received a mission call (same day as HS graduation) to Maceio, Brazil–leaving for the MTC in Brazil on Oct. 30. He keeps mentioning how much he loved working with Bishop Howes..and that he wanted you to know…so a trip to the blog. We would love to send you a note –what is your address? You can email it to Sending our Love and Prayers–way to speak on the fly Sis Howes…we know all that wisdom is in there ready to be shared!! Jen Johnson

  3. Hello to the Howes…
    What quaint buildings and I love the covered bridge, even if it leads to nowhere. I laughed when I read the “NY speed sign”. I want to believe that it was not a question to Brother Howes whether or not to slow down or speed up…..of course you would speed up! lol
    We do hope you are doing well and it is apparent you keeping very busy. Love reading the news from New York.
    Thank you for serving the Lord.

    Jill Marchant

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