Healthy Control? Spend-a-phobia?

Elder Howes has been trying to figure out whether this is a normal reaction (or not). Since we arrived in the Mission field, every time we go to the store, he questions why we have to buy so much of anything. In his mind we’re only out here for a short time, why do we need three bottles of Shampoo? An extra large box of Tide detergent? We’ll only use one tube of tooth past  won’t we.  (We have already gone through all of these items) But why does he still think, we don’t need to buy that much. When we’re at home these things don’t bother him at all. He does everything he can to avoid Sam’s Club or Costco. We’ll be home before we can use all of anything we buy in bulk, aren’t we?

Work Space Found!

Earlier we mentioned that Elder Howes had spoken to the Branch President about using the building to wash his car.  Well we must have done enough that President now trusts us and is welcoming our use of the well water to wash our car.  Have we mentioned that our building uses well water?  This water is so bad that the board of health will not allow the water into the building.  Toilets must be flushed by hand using a bucket and drinking water and Sacrament preparation comes from bottled water.

IMG_0613 IMG_0614DSC_0043DSC_0044

In the mean time the car hasn’t complained at all.  Whatever bugs are in the water, clean the bugs off the front of the car very nicely thank you very much.

Just a Normal P-day activity!

Wednesday is a normal P-day in the Mission.  Ours started with our little sons inviting us to walk a special walking bridge over the Hudson River.  We had seen the bridge many times and were curious and willing to make the trip.  The bridge use to be a regular road bridge connecting the two sides of the Hudson but was replaced by a much larger bridge many years ago and only in the past couple of years was re-purposed and repaved for walking/bicycling only traffic.  With the traffic in the Hudson it is a very high bridge (120ft) with the water below only 40ft deep.

IMG_0636 IMG_0632 IMG_0633 IMG_0642

Pictured above from left to right are the Old folks (Elder & Sister Howes) with the “new bridge” in the background, our “sons” Elders Sullivan and Fox, a picture of MTA northbound train from the bridge and all the New Paltz Elders (Howes, Fox and Sullivan, bottom to top).  We had a full range of New York weather; sun with humidity, rain and wind.

A week of Packing….

We have yet to experience a normal day in the mission is but we were invited to the Second Counselors home to provide a few hours of service loading a moving van for their move to Houston Texas.  Many had signed up to assist but Elder Howes was the only one to show up.  One the morning of the first day we had decided not to do our normal exercise routine.  Good thing.  We spent the next three days packing boxes, moving furniture and packing the trailer from morning until evening.  We felt like the Ox was in the Mire and even missed our Temple assignment to help and complete the task.


The 40ft trailer was packed from bottom to the top and from the back right to the edge of the doors.  After we completed the loading on Saturday five of the Elder Quorum showed up to assist along with their wives to clean the house.  We were pleased that we got help just in time to go to our first interview with President Morgan.  Sister Howes worried about this all week and then it was just a simple visit about family, his and ours.

Strengthening Marriage

We drove to Newburgh twice this week, once on Friday evening to teach our class there  and the next day for interviews with President.  We finally got a picture of the group we taught.


This was an especially eclectic group with two single Sisters and even our own hecklers (a first).  We think that the hecklers were actually not sober but were not certain.

Wild Game.

Well finally we had another wild week of weather.  It rains here nearly every day which brings out all kinds of critters.  Sister caught the a baby Praying Mantis on the bumper of the car as we left to go for a ride.


And then as we drove through an area looking for some of our less active members caught this picture after several attempts at the twenty or so deer we caught feeding in yards along the countryside.


We hope all will have a Happy 4th of July.  We will miss all of the activities with family and friends on one of our favorite Holidays!


One thought on “Healthy Control? Spend-a-phobia?

  1. We’ll miss seeing your ‘collector” hot rod in the parade! I remember the White noise of the Cicadas in San Antonio being more like a dull roar in my head–with the whirring becoming stronger and then backing off, then stronger then backing off… nothing like the sound of a running creek that I was used to from Oregon…or the buzz of flies from Idaho…I think you came out ahead with the sound of frogs instead of Cicadas. Yeah for overestimations of infestations! Enjoy the 4th in the heart of American History!

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