Are we there yet!

For the past two weeks we have been on the road nearly constantly. On Friday the 12th we left New Paltz to teach our class in Middletown, New York with plans to drive on to Henrietta, New York (a little town west of Palmyra) where we had a motel room for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Our classes typically run about an 1 1/2 hours and begin at 7pm. We from Utah often joke about Mormon standard time but have we mentioned New York (Hudson Valley) standard time?? We’ll get back to that. We arrived in Middletown early to insure that we could fill-up with gas, have a snack (it’s a long drive) and set up our presentation. All was ready, with the plan to leave promptly at 8:30pm for the four hour drive to Henrietta. At 7pm the Stake President’s wife was the only one there. By 7:15pm we had another couple who came and finally at 7:30pm the Stake President along with four additional couples also showed.
DSC_0068We had a great meeting with great participation and finished at 9:15pm to begin the trip at about 9:30 for the four hour drive and arrived ahead of schedule at 12:15am.  Elder Howes’ driving insured that all were wide awake and an early arrival.  HAIR RAISING!  Pictured above are most of the couples at this session of our class, with Bishop Guzmon next to Sister Howes and the Stake President (President Ey) and his wife kneeling in front.


Wow.  It has been 25 years since we have spent any time in Palmyra.  We had the opportunity to drive between Boston and Utah twice in the years since we lived in this area to deliver cars for our children while they were at Harvard and stopped by but we did not have the time to explore the sites where to church began more than 180 years ago.  The Church, like in so many other locations, has done such an amazing job of restoring and creating an atmosphere of peace, comfort and welcoming for all.


We met up with two other couples first thing in the morning and immediately set out to find Hermana Carlson.  Our intel told us that she would be at the Peter Whitmer Farm for the morning of the second week but little did we know that the week cycle at the site starts mid week so the schedule on the 13th of July was actually the first week and she was not here.  The Peter Whitmer Farm is far enough out that by the time we traveled back to town, Sister Carlson was already in the visitor center making calls with no way for us to contact her. So we moved on to see the other sites.


We have left out a few hundred pictures between the ones posted but we had a great time despite the heat and humidity.



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