Hill Cumorah Pageant

All of the Senior Missionaries from the New York North came to the Pageant.  One of the Missionaries parents were in charge and they blocked off seats for us right at the front for all 33 of us.  As soon as we showed up we could hear someone call out “Bishop” and then quickly a correction “Elder Howes”…

DSC_0122Hermana Carlson and her companion had heard that we had been looking for them and found us as we found our seats.  They were there to work the booth at the entrance of the Pageant (where those who would oppose our views set up camp to yell and harass).  I was awesome to see her and to watch her at work.  And she loved the beef jerky, Matt, guess you do know your daughter.  But Sister Howes also made her cookies, which she promptly shared with all of her coworkers at the booth.


It is amazing how small the world is in the church.  Many of the missionaries were greeted by family and friends that had come to the Pageant.  We heard that the Evan’s (Spencer and Monica) were also there but we didn’t see them.  We also greeted the Finlayson’s into the mission (Kathy Miller’s parents) as they are now in the New York North mission as one of the office couples.


We had the opportunity to work the Pageant 25 years ago when we lived in Toronto (parking lot attendant) and thought that is was great then but they have done so much to improve seating, food, parking and especially the Pageant show.  Pictures have to be better than my explanation:


The story of the Book of Mormon in pictures from the Hill Cumorah Pageant and Sister Carlson gets to see it every night the Pageant is open but she also has to endure the hecklers.

We finished off our visit to the Pageant on Sunday driving back east to Lyons, New York where Hermana Carlson is assigned to go to church.  We met all eight of the missionaries assigned to this Ward????  It was great to see her but better yet to listen to her testimony.



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