40 Years….She deserves a medal

Jeanne Williams and Bill Howes were married on July 16th 1973. It’s hard to imagine that two high school sweethearts endured the challenges (and fighting like cats and dogs) to get married and it’s now lasted 40 years. I felt like I won the lottery 40 years ago and now I know that I did. When we tell people that we claim Wendover Utah as our home town they question why and I explain that Sister Howes grew up there but that I went there every summer from wherever my Dad was stationed (military) and stole the best thing that Wendover has ever had (and therefore no reason to go back), well at least to live.
When we completed our trip to Palmyra we got permission to travel on to Canada to visit a place we called home for a while, Burlington Canada. We had contacted our former Bishop from that time, who we’ve stayed in contact with over the past 25 years and were invited to visit. On our way we decided that we should stop by Niagara Falls, after all Sister Howes endured a honeymoon driving up the coast of California on Route as fast as Elder Howes could make their little Toyota go (and I’ve been trying to make up for it ever since).
We stayed at a Marriott over looking Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls Canada. Pictures from the bay window in our room.

We are certain that the fireworks over the Falls (pictured above) were acknowledgement of our 40 year accomplishment.

We got up early the next morning to take a walk along the banks of the Falls before the crowds and heat arrived, neither of those happened. But we took the following pictures for all of you who visited during the time we lived close and made the trip to the Falls with us.  Obviously the Falls haven’t changed but the build-up of commercializing has grown tremendously.


The last picture is a picture of our Hotel from the Falls.  The next few headings are especially for our kids.

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

After our walk we decided to drive up to Burlington.  We were so surprised to find that businesses and housing has taken over every open area along the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) the highway leading from the border to Burlington and for that matter through Canada.  The QEW is much like I70, I80 or I10 that traverse the United States.  The area use to have hundreds of orchards along the southern areas leading from the United States to Toronto but have now been replaced by Winery’s with vineyards (we’re told vineyards are more profitable).  The small little town of Burlington that we lived in 25 years ago has grown to have a Walmart, Target, two Malls and urban sprawl miles beyond the now old Ward chapel that was then miles out of town.


Clockwise from top left; the Howes’ former abode, the Burlington chapel, a new Swiss Chalet (we couldn’t find an old one), and the old Super Center (now a Fortinos).  It was a fun trip down memory lane but everything has changed so much we had to use our GPS to find most things.  The old EIMCO JARVIS CLARK building is now empty and up for sale.


Bishop Gilmour…now Stake President Gilmour

25 years ago our Bishop was Bishop Gilmour.  We learned about 6 months ago that he had once again been called to a Bishop in Niagara Falls, part of our Stake but a different Ward.  Two months ago the Stake President was called to the Seventy and the process began to call a new Stake President.  Bishop Gilmour was in the US visiting his daughter but was asked to come home for an interview with Elder Eckohawk.  He came home believing that at 68 he was beyond the age to be considered.  Surprise, after the interview he was called to be the new Stake President in the Hamilton Stake.  He is an awesome man whom we loved as our Bishop and will make a great Stake President.


We enjoyed our visit with the Gilmours.  They have a beautiful new home and we traveled around the St. Catherine’s and Niagara-on-the-Lake area before leaving for home.  We calculated that we were 7 hours closer to Sandy Utah from Buffalo than from New Paltz but decided that we had better complete the tasks we’ve been assigned to do.  We made a bee line for New Paltz.  We made great time until we got to Albany and then the Highway Patrol decided that we were making too good of time and delayed us for 15 minutes and a yet unknown amount of $$.  We made it home in time for Sister Howes to take over the Primary for a Sunday when none of the Primary showed, back to the reality of life in a small Branch.


4 thoughts on “40 Years….She deserves a medal

  1. Elder Howes and Jeanne,So fun to read your story.Wow 40 years! Jeanne does deserve a METAL! and a MEDAL!But perhaps the 40 years represents something more refined than the most precious metals. Congratulations! Happy to see you celebrate! I did look it up, and Rubies are the traditional gift for forty year anniversary.Here again, the gift will never measure up…Jeanne is a rare find…”A Virtuous Woman…her price far above Rubies.” Thanks for your great examples.Cheers to 40 years!Wishing you many more!Elizabeth and the Fins. PS…NY Time..Elder Howes Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 01:25:48 +0000 To: edfinfam@msn.com

  2. Yay…I just found your blog and I’m so excited to read about your experience! Congrats on 40 years!!! Looks like you guys are enjoying the mission. 🙂

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