Well this past week was literally spent working on the part of the Strengthening Marriage class that we teach entitled Overcoming Anger. Over the years I’ve worked on this issue to the point that I may be somewhat of an expert and still working on the issue. We struggled to put this presentation together more than any so far but finally got it done in time for the first presentation of  four times that we’ll make this presentation during the month.  It did make our hope of having an interesting blog this week a good challenge since we sat at the computer working (not many good pictures for that).  We did many of the same things we do each week, with a Monday District meeting we fed the Missionaries and on Tuesday we were asked to offer “Taxi service” (one of least favorite requests) to one of the members that is suing the State of New York.  We delivered her to her appointment with attorneys and then sat in the parking lot for 3 1/2 hours waiting.  Then into hibernation to complete the mentioned presentation.

It’s a Small World

During the week we heard from Sister Howes’s first roommate after high school as she would be in New York to help complete some work on a Penthouse in the Time Warner building.  We learned several weeks ago during an interview with President Morgan that the Morgan’s son had married Loretta (Martin) Duncan’s daughter (Sister Howes’s first roommate).  All of us live within a mile or so of one another in Sandy, Utah but don’t often see one another (in Sandy).  She gave us a call and invited us to the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) where she and a friend had connections.  We left early on Saturday morning for the two hour trip from New Paltz to Manhattan expecting trouble at the George Washington bridge but found virtually none and arrived early enough to park easily.  The MET is awesome, more for some than others, but it was great to see old friends, reminisce and enjoy new experiences together.



Pictures from the Met clockwise from upper left; street views from in front of the MET, Anne Daniels, Loretta Duncan and Sister Howes, and finally a picture of a cow looking at a picture of a cow (notice the guy on the left holding a mop).  It was interesting talking to these artist from Utah.  Each took painting classes from Marilyn Gandre in the Bell Canyon Ward.  Anne once lived in the Dimple Dell Ward just a short time ago.  Their connection into the MET was a former Mormon Missionary now working for the MET.  Sister Howes took another 100 pictures before we left to go home.  Some of the highlights:


Some of the pictures taken at the MET, again clockwise from top left; a picture of a man using only dots (standing close that is all you notice but as you stand back it becomes clear), the fence and gate from the yard leading into the Vatican, Egyptian Mausoleum from the side and front and finally a picture that Elder Howes stood in front of – as he walked away he convinced Sister Howes that the placard said that Matthew Broderick has posed for the painting (double click on it – what do you think).   She’s still gullible after all of the years.


3 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Hi Elder and Sister Howes, It is fun to hear what you are doing. We went to the Met four times and still didn’t see everything. What a place. Some news from the ward: Jessica Mills is pregnant after 14 years of marriage. Samantha England had her baby girl by C-Sect on Saturday morning and they are both doing fine. She is giving the baby up for adoption. Sharon Young is preparing to move into a one bedroom condo up by the Draper temple. Dave has been helping her get a lot of things ready. Siggard’s daughter and husband are moving into that house. I hope they can help Don out with Glenna, as he is wearing out. Karen & Jonathan Page are moving since Kathy Johnson is getting married on Sept. 14. Brandon Miller has his visa and is heading to Argentina finally. Caroline Berry and Jordan Carlson are getting married this Saturday. That is all that I can think of at the moment. We are heading to Oregon this week end for our Grandson’s farewell. Love you guys Doris

    Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2013 01:46:52 +0000 To:

  2. Hello to the Howes,
    I know Anne Daniels from the Dimple Dell ward but I didn’t realize that she had moved away. I hope you are doing well. Grant is keeping busy serving as Ward clerk with Bishop Pingree and enjoying his service there.
    Take care, Jill Marchant

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