New District – Well – New members anyway

Last Monday wasn’t much different from most Monday’s. We spent part of Sunday evening preparing food to feed our District. Four month’s ago we used to alternate weeks between Kingston and the next week at our apartment in New Paltz where we fed them. We also fed the Zone once a month and shared that duty between the other Senior Missionary couples. Well that all changed when the Zone was split and we became the only Senior Missionary couple in the Zone and Sister Howes decided that the Missionaries had to be fed as a group every week to create an environment where they could associate and talk with one another. It has been awesome to be with, assist and to feed them. At this point in our Mission, I would say that this is the highlight. No matter what (or how much) we feed them they are always grateful. As a matter of fact, no matter what we do with them or for them, they are always upbeat, grateful and respectful to us.
We got several new Missionaries as part of the District during the past transfers.


From left to right from the bottom – Elder Atwood (Payson, Utah), Elder Bailey (Preston, Idaho), Elder Filoso (Riverton, Utah) Top – Elder Edwards (Lehi, Utah), Elder Helvey (Morgan Hill, Ca), Elder Montierth (Whitier, Ca), Elder Diaz (Las Vegas, NV), Elder Vanner (Kazakhstan). Elders Edwards and Helvey are brand new and Elder Filoso was recently transferred in from Inwood (Manhattan).

Grandma – Needs a Fix

Nearly everyday one of our Grandson’s calls Grandma on FaceTime.  NOTHING gets in the way of Grandma’s time with her Grandson’s.  Sometimes we get a call during church, sometimes in the middle of teaching a class.  Whenever it happens, a break is taken.  Hope that this did not come across as negative because we look forward this no matter when it comes.  In fact most of those calls come late morning before anything gets going but again whenever it happens Grandma is ready.


This great kid got his own iPod for his birthday in July and has figured out how to FaceTime all of his pals and relatives.  We understand that all the Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents get calls regularly.  He carries his iPod around while he talks with you, shows you everything he’s doing and by the end of the call, your dizzy.  Occasionally he even lets his older brother talk to us.

Bauer is a little more reserved and sensitive than his younger brother, but he recently sent Grandma a picture he had worked on in his art class for some time.  We think that he and his picture are awesome.


Super Sensory Smeller….

Sister Howes has got to have the most sensitive nose in the history olfactory senses.  She can complain about the smell of a skunk in the road 10 minutes before we pass it on the road.  AT 80 MILES AN HOUR.  We have regular visitors (Missionaries) to our apartment and they regularly use the bathroom.  Well not to get to descriptive but she researched ways to “curb” bathroom smells and at a recent visit to the grocery store purchased a bag of Coffee beans.  It’s not quite the same here as in Utah or many other places but it was still felt a little strange for two Mormon Missionaries to be walking out of the store with a bag of coffee beans.  Just saying…..

Well the beans got put into a bowl on the shelf of the bathroom and it seemed to work.  Well all I can say is that you couldn’t smell anything but the Coffee beans.


Now for the problem…  We got to church on the first Sunday after the unveiling of the Coffee beans and WE smelled like Coffee.


The Coffee beans are now in the utility room with the furnace and water heater.


One thought on “New District – Well – New members anyway

  1. Dave spent some time in Kazakhstan.

    I don’t even know what Face Time is, but Susan Winters has mentioned it as well. Isn’t it nice that you can keep in touch with loved ones.


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