Just like last week except different…

Seems like each week on our mission has become very similar to week before. We start each week feeding our missionaries….

You don’t see the Sister Missionaries getting into the mix when there are hungry Young Men in the way.


The offering disappears and the cook looks on in amazement at how quickly it’s gone.  During this Zone meeting we informed them that we would be inspecting apartments, as is our assignment every six months.  Having done this earlier in the year and having moved several to new apartments we knew that we wanted them to get certain places cleaner.  We asked them all to move their refrigerators and stoves out and to clean under them so that as the weather turns cold mice (or worse) wouldn’t be attracted into the apartments.

Bike Repairs!

On Tuesday Elder Howes was recruited to repair Mission bicycles.  Our mission doesn’t use allot of bikes.  In the City missionaries walk and outside of the City, for the most part, they have cars.  The mission has grown so fast that several months ago the mission introduced bicycles along side car sharing.  When four missionaries are in the same area they share a car and two bikes.  The mission paid for the bikes and has tried to maintained them as well, with the Missionaries not having responsibility for cost.  The responsibility has fallen on one great Senior Missionary who finally wore out as you might imagine.  Policy changes are coming that will make the care and cost part of the missionaries responsibility.  In the mean time the two bikes that came with our two new missionaries didn’t work.  Both had flat tires and would not shift.  I wish I would have paid attention when Kent Rogers and Ken Johnson fixed and adjusted our young mens bikes each time we went for an outing!   Thank goodness for instructions on YouTube.  After learning that all new shift and brake cables were required, adjustments were made and the bikes were re-commissioned.  Hope the neighbors weren’t listening to the frustration language coming from our apartment.


Apartment Inspections!

The great thing about this assignment is two fold, first we get to interact with the missionaries and it allows us to see so many sights as we travel around.  The challenge is that because of the differing schedules of the missionaries we could not make an organized loop and ended up making “destination trips” to get each one done.  We got some great pictures of the missionaries and the beautiful areas that surround us.


Notice the stock of Ice Cream in the Freezer.  These Missionaries were eating it for Breakfast when we got there to inspect.


All were ready for the inspections and all the apartments were in good condition.  Sometimes we do have to make some repairs, as was the case with the toilet above that we found the missionaries were flushing by reaching through the water tank to release the flapper by hand for several months.

The pictures below were made as we drove between apartment inspections in the area around the small town of Rhinebeck (made famous when Chelsea Clinton was married there).

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 3.47.47 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 3.48.42 PM

The views would make great post cards.  We also were “buzzed” by this biplane, then followed it to capture the picture.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 3.46.38 PM


Each Sunday morning Elder Howes makes a 30 minute drive from New Paltz to High Falls to pick up a member (so far the only member in High Falls) and bring him to church.  William Krum joined the church just as we came to the Branch.  He was converted by a friend he had met on the internet who shared an interest in music and shared his love of the Gospel through Social media.  William visited him in Utah and came home to New York to be baptized.  As you can perhaps observe, William is blind.


We also sit with William during Sacrament meeting to assist his ability to partake of the Sacrament.  So far the trips have been awesome as you can see from the pictures:

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 3.42.09 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-08 at 3.43.38 PM

The picture at left is the “mountain” that has to traversed to get to High Falls and the picture at right is Mohonk at the top of the “mountain”.  We have a number of members on the other side of this escarpment which seems to be an insurmountable barrier to coming to the Branch building in New Paltz.  It’s a great drive now, not sure when it’s covered with snow.

Favorite Calling

Many of you have heard me say that my favorite calling in the Church is Teachers Quorum advisor.  I was called to be the First Counselor of the Young Mens several months ago…….we only have two Young Men.  Pictured below is (form left to right) Chris Caceras 2nd Counselor, Austin Hekking and Jamal Walker and Desmond Walker the Young Mens President.


The Young Mens group meets together each Sunday but so far we’re still working on having Mutual.  Baby steps.


One thought on “Just like last week except different…

  1. Elder Sister Howes I sure enjoy your emails . I’m sure you still get Isaac emails he told me that he is a senior companion. Thanks for your service and example you show in your daily doings. Louise Fitzgerald

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