Good Times!

This past week has been like a vacation for us or maybe it was a vacation for us. It started like every week when we fed our missionaries on Monday as always. On Tuesday we were invited to have lunch with the missionary couple that served here two years ago, the Seamans from Utah. We ate at their favorite spot in New Paltz, LemonGrass, a Thai restaurant. Those of you that know Elder Howes will know that this took some convincing, he’s not a fan of any asian food. Starting with Thai food. After studying the menu carefully we finally decided that nobody can ruin rice, right. Wrong.

Pictured are President & Sister Gioglotto, the Elder Quorum President, upfront on the left with Elder & Sister Howes behind them.  Brother & Sister Seamans, upfront right with Brother & Sister Fritch behind them.

Kimberly Visits…

On Thursday morning at 5:45am Kimberly, our oldest, flew into JFK to visit us for five days.  She got a good deal for leaving on a flight on 9/11.  She left on 9/11 but arrived the next day on a red eye from San Francisco.  She got no sleep and we had to get up at 3am to get to JFK in time to pick her up, so neither did we.  We re-arranged our apartment and put in a blow-up bed in the study room.


We decided that we were too tired to site see in New York City and after a quick stop at an Outlet Mall for lunch the blow-up and our bed got some well deserved make up time for a few hours.

Showing off……….

We still had a class to teach on Friday in Middletown so we planned to leave early and show off the places around this area before our class.  We started in Goshen New York where we lived for the first 5 weeks of our mission and moved on to Bethel Woods.  This is the place where the Woodstock concert of the Sixties was held.


The pictures above show a sign at the entrance of the area where the concert was held and after we got onto the grounds a monument of celebrating the event with the bands that played during the concert.  On the bottom is Sister Howes with Kimberly behind the monument, to their left (a brown patch behind the fence) is where the stage for the concert used to be and the picture to the lower right is from the top of the hill looking down unto where the stage once stood.   Over 400 thousand people crowded this area.  When you drive into this area it’s had to imagine that many people in this rural little community.  But this pictures below perhaps show why they choose this area.


The place is still occupied by to many strange folks.  As we parked our car, a man in his sixties with long gray hair and a tie dye shirt was rocking out in his truck to Richie Havens like he was reliving his day here 44 years ago.  Of course it’s a little sad that Elder Howes knew that it was Richie Havens.

Rhinebeck and Woodstock.

On Saturday we crossed the Hudson and traveled to Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is the home of Franklin D Roosevelt’s summer home and his Presidential library.  We stopped long enough to learn that learn that we would have to return another time as the tours of these and the Vanderbilt Mansion were booked.  On to Rhinebeck, pictured last week, followed by the actual town of Woodstock.  This little community is an Artsy little town with lots of shops trying to take advantage of the fact that many confuse this town for the place where the Woodstock concert was actually held.  Kimberly and Sister Howes enjoyed walking around to each little shop up and down this quirky little town.


We got hungry and decided that we would try one of the local little restaurants.  Kim was charged with picking our spot and chose a Vegan (strict vegetarian-no meat or meat by-products) place.


Pictured are Kimberly and Sister Howes and (I think) the garden where they pluck-up everything that they serve.  We ordered and waited for nearly 40 minutes??????  Have you ever been to a restaurant where, while you waited, you commented that they must be out killing whatever they were going to serve?  Well what they served us was just outside the door, what could have taken them so long?


Naturally we did all that we were asked and assigned to accomplish but following our services and lunch we drove back across the Hudson to Hyde Park and toured the Vanderbilt Mansion.


We wish she could stay.  We’ve seen more sites over the past few days than the previous seven months.


One thought on “Good Times!

  1. We did the same thing when our kids came to visit. We toured the Statue of Liberty, ground zero etc as many times as we want to.

    Dave and Doris

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