Stay busy & It’s harder to be Sad..

Well the time came for Kimberly to return home to California. We had so looked forward to her visit and we had a great time with her while she visited. We had no idea how sad we would feel to send her back home.

We again got up early to make the 2 plus hour to drive from New Paltz to JFK so that she could make a 9am flight.  We dropped her off and drove to the local McDonald’s to hang out in hopes that she could volunteer to be bumped on a full flight.  No such luck.  By the way if your going to hang out in the scariest McDonald’s in the city it’s nice to have on your Missionary badge.

We immediately had an Zone activity to get us busy.  The Zone Missionaries all wanted to see West Point before the next transfer.  Only one of the 18 missionaries had been assigned somewhere in the Mission that allowed a visit to this historically significant spot.  Elder Howes & Sister Howes have had many opportunities to make this visit and have made friends with the Post historian, Sherman Fleek, who is a member of the church.  He is very knowledgable and passionate about the history of West Point.  We met our young men at the New Paltz chapel where they were already waiting for us.


They were scampering to hide the Rugby ball from Elder Howes so that he wouldn’t harass them about getting injured and immediately began the process of distributing mail and supplies from the office (what they should have been doing all along).  We then crowded everyone into four vehicles for a 40 minute trip to West Point.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.33.00 PMDSC_0858

We always arrange to meet Brother Fleek at a monument that hard to miss, it’s a Sherman Tank.  Brother Sherman Fleek was named after General Sherman a famous Civil war hero and the namesake for the afore mentioned tank.  He has always been so accommodating, especially to our Missionaries.  He knows that Elder & Sister Howes have made this tour many times and decided to take us on a different tour than we have ever been on.


We toured the Chapel and burial grounds at West Point.  Many famous soldiers and family members are buried here.


The elaborate monument to the right is that of one of Dave Butterfield’s relatives (highly questionable assumption).  Daniel Adams Butterfield (October 31, 1831 – July 17, 1901) was a New York businessman, a Union General in the American Civil War, and Assistant U.S. Treasurer in New York.  He received the Medal of Honor for his service during the Civil War; during the war he was credited with composing the bugle call Taps.


Some of the graves have very elaborate monuments and some are very simple.  Like any other graveyard it’s about the money not status.  This is burial ground for many of our famous or infamous military Generals throughout history from General Custer, General Westmoreland, to General Schwarzkopf.  We found graves for several Mormon soldiers, they were easy to spot if you look for the Angle Moroni or Families are Forever carvings on the monuments.


We may have even found one of President Miles’ early relatives.


We completed our tour at the overlook to the Hudson River where West Point got it’s name.  It is the west point of a significant bend in the Hudson where during the Revolutionary War a fortification was established to keep the British from moving troops and armament into battle areas.

A trip to Long Island

On Thursday’s we always spend most of the day preparing for and traveling to the City to serve in the Temple.  This week we had the opportunity to leave a bit early and travel to Long Island to the city of Plainview New York.  Our home neighbors Joel & Bonnie France found a 1966 Chevelle Convertible that they were interested in and we got to check it out from them.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 10.10.19 PM

Unfortunately the car wasn’t nearly as nice as it looks on from the pictures on the internet but they had some really cool cars, well I thought so, Sister Howes waited in the car.  The timing was good, as we headed back into the City traffic was backed up on the road we had just traveled, miles on end.

Emergency Transfer

Occasionally things happen that require immediate action.  Such was the case on Saturday.  President called us to ask us to take one of our Missionaries to Wappinger Falls and bring another to New Paltz from Poughkeepsie.

DSC_0923 DSC_0924

We were sorry to lose Elder Edwards (from Lehi).  He was companions with our District Leader Elder Montierth.  They both made great strides with the Missionary work in this area.  But we know who is in charge and the work will continue to move forward.

Welcome to Fall

Each Sunday Elder Howes travels over the local mountain to retrieve a member who is blind.  In just one week and on cue for the first day of Fall the trees have begun to change colors.  By October can you imagine.  You won’t have to we’ll take pictures.



One thought on “Stay busy & It’s harder to be Sad..

  1. We were in Plainview many times so know it well. Was the scary McDonalds in Jamaica. We were in some scary ones there.

    We just got back from a two week trip to Scandanavia, British Isles, and France. Good trip, but glad to be

    Dave and Doris

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