A Week of CHANGE!

Perhaps you’ve picked up on the fact that we travel allot? This week we found out the cost of some of our travels as we had Sister Howes’ car serviced and were told that the tires and brakes were in need of replacement. We had allotted two hours for the service since we must travel 40 miles to get to the local dealer for service. They didn’t tell us that we needed new tires and brakes until we’d already been there for two hours so we had to postpone this for another day.
Traveling does provide us with opportunities to see so much of the area around where we live and occasionally take pictures for the blog.
During the past week we have again traveled much, we were in Wappinger Falls for the vehicle service,  Manhattan for our Temple service, Newburgh for our last “Strengthening Marriage” assignment (for now), Osining for Zone Conference, West Point Academy for a Senior Couple activity, back to Newburgh for the Adult session of Stake Conference, High Falls to pick-up William Krum (our blind member) and back to Newburgh for the Sunday session of Stake Conference then back to High Falls before we get to go home to New Patlz.  Perhaps it’s not a surprise that we have worn out what was once a new set of tires when we left Sandy, Utah.

New Tires and Brakes

Tires on Sister Howes’ car were purchased at a Western area tire dealer and wore out before the warranty but they honored the warranty over the internet (of course not without a significant charge but better than buying new) and shipped us tires overnight.  We then hauled them to Poughkeepsie to have them installed at a local tire shop where we met Nick, the shop owner.  We had a discussion about the church and our assignment.  He has seen the Manhattan Temple and recommended a local Italian Restaurant.  It’s remarkable how many people know something about the Church and are willing to talk about what we are to teach.


Changes in Missionary Work!

We were surprised at the announcement that we would have Zone Conference only four weeks from a Mission Conference but that was the case this week.  We traveled to Ossining New York on Friday for a 8am starting time.  We expected that with the Conference being so close to the Mission Conference there would be some major announcement and we were not disappointed.  The announcement was made that the New York North Mission would become an on-line approved Mission.  Our Missionaries were trained to use new iPad Mini’s and iPhones.  This will allow the Missionaries to use the internet to preach the gospel, track members and investigators better and to keep records better.


Changes at the Manhattan Temple

Besides the change in the movie for the Endowment, we are getting a new Temple Presidency this week.  We have come to love our Temple Presidency.  The work here is a little more intimate with our Presidency than in many of our Temples just due to the size.  Our Temple Presidency regularly has to do everything right along with us.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 10.23.37 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-27 at 10.15.24 PM

Suzanne J. and W. Blair Garff were our old Temple President and next week it will be Steven D. and Marjorie H. Bennion

Changes in Weather

As the weather changed here in New York the Senior Missionaries in the City all want to see the colors and sights “up north”.  We met as a group early Saturday morning at West Point Academy.


There were ten sets of Missionaries.  Two of us were taking pictures.  Top left is a picture from the top of the hill above West Point. Top right at the boat dock with all of us lined up for the tour.  Bottom left in front of the Cadet chapel and finally the bottom right at Trophy Point at West Point.

And then the winds came and blew the leaves away!

DSC_0234Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 8.26.20 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-27 at 8.35.09 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-27 at 8.37.45 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-28 at 7.25.35 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-28 at 7.26.18 PM

We have shown you pictures of the leaves as they turned, what an amazing sight.  And in one day the wind blew and most of the trees are bare.  New York changes into full view without leaves to block or hide both beauty and sometimes junk.


The view from our back porch gets worse with each passing day now.  Hope the snow covers the 4 boats and 5 boat trailers (not with each other by the way), 3 riding lawn mowers, Paddle board, 3 truck toppers and endless collections of junk.  The trees hid some of this during the past 6 months.

The Change in the Number of birthdays she’s had……..


Sister Howes was recognized for graduating to a new year along with a few other Missionaries.

One thing that didn’t change………


Sister Howes got a standing ovation and lots of illegal hugs.  She still the most popular Senior Missionary.  That’s what you get for feeding, sewing and loving them (especially the feeding part).


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