Lot’s of Meals Add Up to…….

We have shown that we regularly feed the Young Missionaries which also means that we eat allot of meals. The past few weeks has been no exception, in fact we have had the opportunity to feed a few more than normal.


The missionaries love to come to our apartment for lunch.  I think it’s because it seems like home.  We can only have the District over when they don’t meet combine with the other District in the Zone (just no room).  So the week of Halloween the New Paltz District decided to meet without the Poughkeepsie District so that Sister Howes could feed them at home.  They are pretty comfortable.  You can see that we have quite a mixture of young men.  Two are from Asia, two from California, one from Mexico, one from Brazil (even though his family is Japanese) and the rest from Utah.  But I think that a home is a home to these young men, even if it’s just our apartment.  Three days later we had a limited Zone Conference at West Point Academy with the perspective missionaries from the Newburgh Stake.  The Howes and the couple from West Point got the assignment to feed the 65 or so participants.

All this adds up to……     otherwise known as the freshmen 15.IMG_0871

No Gym, lots of food and well we’ve gained weight.  Some self control might make a difference……….YOU THINK.


Halloween was a little different than we are used to.   We live in an apartment village full of College students and we were serving in the Manhattan Temple on Halloween anyway.  Before Halloween Day, we had the boys over for lunch and managed to celebrate (for 5-10 minutes) Halloween.DSC_0253Yea thats it, but it was enough so that each got a picture to send home to parents.  They were required to be in their apartments by 5pm.  We were off to serve in the Temple.  We were surprised to see so many on the streets around Columbus Circle.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.28.43 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.29.06 PM

Children with their parents, both dressed in costumes walked up and down the streets and “trick or treated” in the local stores.  Several of the streets just off of Central Park were blocked off, so that children could roam the “Brownstones” for their treasures.  It was a real education on a Holiday in the City.

As you might imagine, very few of our regular Temple workers came to the Temple.  No worries, no Patrons either.

History Everywhere!

We have a lot of invitations to do things with the members of our little Branch.  We can’t often take them up on their offers to show us around for obvious reasons.  Recently on a P-day the second counselor in the Branch Presidency convinced us to let them show us things that we had passed (and noticed) but were to busy to check out.  We are certainly glad that we did.  The town of Newburgh is the “Murder Capital” of New York State.  Our Stake Center and 8 of our missionaries live there.  We teach a class there once a month but we’ve never stopped anyplace to check into the history.


If you double click on these images you can read the history and story associated with this place.  It is the New Windsor Cantonment.  This is a place were George Washington and his men were housed and trained during the Revolutionary War.


The building above was where the Troops worshiped and also where General Washington made a speech to his leadership, who were ready to turn against the government for their lack of support, to change the direction of the struggling army.  Housed on this same location is the National foundation for Purple Heart Recipients.


We didn’t find any of our relatives that we new had received this award…they are still completing and building their data base.  We then moved to the temporary home of General Washington several miles away.  General Washington and his wife Martha actually lived right on the Hudson River here during the War.


Unfortunately the home was closed for the season and the Monument to Washington was under renovation.  We will try to stop again and take pictures.


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