The Days on our Mission that we DREAD!

We have stated before that the highlight of our Mission is our work and association with the young Missionaries. That being said, the most dreaded days are those that come with transfers. We do enjoy meeting and developing along with the new Missionaries, if only they could all stay. Of course they cannot and for very good reasons. We have developed a tradition of gathering all the Zone on the Monday after the announcement of transfers. Of course this has become a nearly weekly activity anyway but it is always special on this week of changes (transfers). Sister Howes hates this day. She often breaks all the rules and hugs all the missionaries and sheds a few tears (well maybe more than a few).

The picture on the left is our little District and the one on the right is our Zone.  I our District the two young men in sweaters directly behind Sister Howes both got “transferred”.  Elder Montierth, to the left, was transferred home and Elder Diaz-Vita was transferred into the City after four “cycles” in our District.  These Missionaries have their own vernacular.  So in there language Elder Montierth died in New Paltz (completed his mission) while Elder Diaz-Vita was born in Kingston (his first assignment in the Mission).  They talk of Fathers, Grandfathers, Aunts, Uncles, Sons and Daughters, all of this related to who they served with when they came into the Mission.  Sometimes, Elder & Sister Howes get confused by who they are actually talking about.  But I digress.  We lost six of our Missionaries on this transfer and we loved each one.


These were the companionships in our Zone.  Elders Montierth and Ling.  Elders Kiyama and World. Sisters Laititi and Skinner. Elders Edwards and Reynolds. Elders Elliott and Sprunt.  Elders Durham and Diaz-Vita.  And finally Elders Wang and Filoso.

The actual day of transfers is equally brutal as they have the Elders and Sisters being sent home stand at the end of the meeting and we sing, Each Life That Touches Ours for Good.


President Morgan making the announcement of the new Missionaries and their assignments and left Elder Scott who was in New Paltz when we were “born” and Elder Montierth, who we “killed”.

New Missionaries and Apartment


We learned several weeks before transfers that we would receive two additional Missionaries and were given the assignment to locate and secure an apartment for them which we did.  The day after transfers we met several crews at the apartment and helped set up new furniture, beds and all the fixin’s. Sounds like an assignment that could stick but more on that later.

While we waited we sat in our vehicle with our Hot Spot on so that we could get a FaceTime call from our youngest grandson.  While waiting we noticed a Deer that walked within several yards of us.  He was totally un-spooked, even when I got to get the Camera and took the following pictures.  Even more surprising was that he did little as I walked pass him as I went to buy a snack.

DSC_0338 DSC_0339 DSC_0340

Eagle Scout Project

Scouting is a challenge in a small Branch with two boys and only one who has ever done Scouting, but we have gotten a young man to the point that he has completed all of his merit badges and only has his Eagle Project to complete.  So we began that this week.


We began the day early at a beautiful “mountain” place called Mohonk Mountain Reserve to clean two and half miles of hiking trails.  We started with family member and missionaries and at the end were joined by friends.  The weather was great and the work went well.  We completed about a third of the task.


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